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Let’s Commit to Keeping the Gym Floors Clean this Winter

Any gym owner or coach will tell you one of the banes of their existence is trying to keep the gym floor clean!


Let me tell you, it’s a constant battle. I have researched best practices to keep the floors cleaner, I have lost sleep over it, and we have had long-winded discussions in coaches meetings about it.

Between chalk and dust and dirt and dog hair, a gym floor just doesn’t stay clean very long. Especially in the winter. And especially if people are coming in with the same shoes they just wore outside in 10 inches of snow. Yes, I’ve seen this happen. Invest in boots and indoor shoes, people!


In fact, in an average facility it is believed each member tracks up to 7 lb. of dirt into the building each year. And an area of the gym that collects 1 lb. of dirt in the summer collects 15 times that amount in the winter (I told you, I have researched the topic repeatedly).

In case I don’t have your interest yet, did you know you can get ringworm from dirty shoes?

(For the record, ringworm is a skin infection that produces ring-shaped patches on your skin that have red, wormlike edges. You can catch it from touching dirty clothes or shoes).


So I can imagine this means doing burpees and driving your body and face into a dirty floor could also just get you a case of wingworm. Nothing says Merry Christmas like blotchy, red skin.

It’s not just ringworm, though. When researchers at the University of Arizona tested the bottom of people’s shoes, they found various species of bacteria, many of which are known to cause infections in our stomachs, eyes and lungs.


They also discovered bacteria can live longer on shoes than in other places, not to mention the fact that we’re always picking up new debris on our shoes. And, no surprise, oftentimes this bacteria is then transferred to floor surfaces.


In light of all of the above, you have our word that we are committing to sweeping, cleaning, and disinfecting the F our of our floors as often as need be this winter, but we need you all to commit to a couple simple rules, as well.


Rule #1:

 Leave your boots at or near the door so you don’t drag muck and dirty snow and slush onto the gym floor.


Rule #2:

Keep your shoes as clean as possible (i.e. wash them from time to time).

Remember your grade school “indoor shoes only” rule. Consider adopting a gym shoes only policy again, especially since you aren’t going to be running on the street during the winter.

Rule #3:

Sweep or vacuum up your chalk prints and dog hair before you leave.

Optional Rule #4:

We’ll always accept a volunteer floor cleaner after class…just throwing it out there.