How to Join


Step 1: Meet

Complimentary Consultation


+ Meet with one of our coaches to go over your goals, what you're looking for, discover your 'why', and how we can help. 

+ See the facility and go over what will happen next, should you choose to continue.

+ Plan for 20 - 30 minutes for your consultation.


Step 2: Assess

3 Session Assessment


+ During your Assessments your Coach will run you through skill testing to discover your level of ability with:

  • Strength, Stamina, Flexibility, Endurance, Agility, Accuracy, Balance, Coordination, Speed and Power.


Step 3: Learn

Learn the Fundamentals


+ The results from your Assessment will allow for custom tailoring for how to move forward.

+ These 1-on-1 Fundamental training sessions will teach you the movement and methodology we use with the correct progressions for you.

+ You will learn about proper warm-ups, mobility and recovery.

+ You will build strength, speed, power and stamina.

+ You will develop better body awareness and will learn about injury-prevention.

+ You will also tackle your diet, nutrition, and will work with your coach to discover the best fuel for your individual needs. 

+ You will have planned exposure to our classes to create the best plan to get you towards your goals.

the amount of sessions and frequency will depend on each individual.


Step 4: Evolve

Monthly Memberships


+ Once you've completed your Fundamentals, you are now ready for Group Classes!

+ Unlimited Classes and Open gym time, combined with continual Personal Training sessions with your Coach designed to keep you refining skills, tuning your nutrition and improving mobility [price and frequency varies upon membership].

+ Continual check-in's with your Coach means unlimited growth for your health, life and fitness goals.