At Forge Valley Fitness you get a Coach For Life, not just for now.

With a Coach in your corner, you get personal one on one training designed specifically to achieve your personal goals.


Step 1: Consultation

Meet with one of our coaches to go over your goals, what you're looking for, discover your 'why', and how we can help. 

See the facility and go over what will happen next, should you choose to continue.

The consultation is FREE! You should plan for 30-45 minutes.


Step 2: Assessment

Our assessment consists of three 1-on-1 sessions where we will screen your joint mobility, movement patterns, and identify any limitations which need to be addressed. Throughout this process we will also evaluate your current capabilities to determine the best steps for you.


Step 3: Learn the Fundamentals

Our Fundamentals Training Program consists of 1-on-1 sessions which will teach you the proper skills and movement patterns to move safely and effectively through each of our workouts and group training sessions.

Our standard length is 12 sessions, but some individuals may require more to build the competence and confidence to join group classes.  There may also be additional sessions if you have limitations that need to be addressed before joining a group.


Step 4: Hybrid Membership

Once you've completed your Fundamentals, you are now ready to continue your pursuit of health, wellness and fitness with our Hybrid Membership!

This membership includes Unlimited Classes and Open gym time, open communication with your coach for guidance towards your continued health and wellness, and combined with personal training sessions scheduled at a pre-determined frequency.  

These sessions will offer continued skill development as your strength and fitness grows, as well as continued movement assessments to identify possible limiting factors in your exercises and workouts.

These sessions are also used to create strategies to optimize your time inside and outside the gym, increase accountability and work on goal setting.