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It might be OK to drink while breastfeeding?

When I found out I was pregnant with my 1st child, I quit drinking. Effective immediately!!! I also spent the rest of my pregnancy worried about the drinking I did before I knew I was pregnant. Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) is no joke. FAS children suffer greatly and needlessly.

However, there’s an obvious difference between drinking a glass of wine every couple weeks while pregnant and getting hammered on the regular. Problem is, it’s hard to know where the danger lies.... Because we don’t know where the line is....... and there is a lot of conflicting information out there. This leads pregnant and breastfeeding woman who have an alcoholic drink periodically to feel brutally judged. 


Most women simply avoid drinking altogether for nine months, plus their breastfeeding months postpartum. It’s just not worth the risk of causing harm to their baby, or any of the social stigma that goes along with it.

 However , these same women have also been told, ‘Don’t go for a run,’ ‘Don’t lift anything,’ ‘Don’t eat fish,’ ‘Don’t eat soft cheese…,UGGGHH...the list of don’ts goes on and on and on...... It seems society expects pregnant women to limit their physical activity to cooking, cleaning and pouring their husband a drink after HIS long day at the office. While some of these restrictions have a ton of evidence to support them, some just don`t..

Its hard to believe a lot of studies when it seems they all have different results...


Speaking of studies... A new study says it’s OK to have a glass of wine when you’re breastfeeding. This is 5 years to late for me, but for the love of all things good...I frigging hope this one accurate!


The study was conducted by the National Drug & Alcohol Research Centre and Deakin University in Australia.Researchers looked at maternal demographics and substance use during pregnancy, as well as eight to twelve months postpartum. They also looked at breastfeeding duration, as well as infant feeding, sleeping and development.

Interestingly, women who drank alcohol while they breastfed were more likely to be from an English-speaking country, be more educated, and have higher household incomes. Most of these women drank at lower levels—approximately a glass of wine a night. 



The result: 

One glass of alcohol a night had no affect on breastfeeding duration, on infant feeding or on sleeping behaviours, nor did it seem to affect any development outcomes at either eight or twelve weeks, which is a pretty good indicator for later development milestones. Then one thing it did show was that mothers who have the odd glass of wine are happier socially and personally. Go figure!

 Of course, a study like this has to come with a warning. Researchers warn these results certainly don’t suggest consuming excessive booze during pregnancy or while breastfeeding is OK. But the occasional glass of wine? Meh... apparently, most likely not going to be a problem..

Coach Viv