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Updated Policies and Procedures for our gym

 I would like to take a moment to share with everyone our updated Policies and procedures for anyone that is interested in learning more about how people can visit us, join us or train at our open gym time.  Nothing exciting but necessary to keep things moving smoothly and to help clear up confusion!


Drop in (visiting CrossFitter) Policy:

  1. If you are planning on dropping into our gym please go through the form on our website for fastest service. The link is at the bottom labeled drop ins.
  2. Please notify us a minimum of three days before you plan to drop in. If you notify us later than that or not at all you may be turned away at the door.
  3. We ask your Home Gym name, Coach’s name, and training history to help give us a better understanding of your abilities, limitations and history so we can maybe guide you to a class time that would be suitable for your abilities and comfort level.
  4. You may be asked to do a Personal training session with a coach, for your initial session.

 This is all so that we are prepared for your visit and help you have a great experience!


Open Gym Policy:

  1. Open gym is not available to ‘drop ins’, unless previously approved by Garth
  2. Must be doing either the scheduled program for the day, a previous day, a program from your coach for life, or a preapproved program.
  3. You must also sign up and check into open gym classes


How Clients can Join:

Anyone that is interested in joining our Crew must go through an assessment with a Coach for life. The first step to determine your Coach for life is to either go to our website and fill out an assessment request form, or if you are friends with a current member have their coach contact you.

This assessment is to determine if we offer what you are looking for, and if we are a good fit for each other.

Next if everything is good you will next go into fundamentals until your coach for life and yourself determine you are ready to join classes. This process may take 6-8 weeks depending on varying circumstances such as, fitness level, movement competency and training frequency.

Once you are ready for classes you will sign up for what we call a Hybrid membership. We call it this because the membership includes Personal training sessions and Group class access. It is recommended for new members, for at least the first two years, use a Silver membership, which provides 8 sessions with your coach a year. These sessions will coincide with our strength cycles and provides more opportunity to see your coach and work on things like goal setting, movement practice and dietary advice.

Once you are experienced then we recommend maintaining a Bronze or quarterly membership to keep you sharp, address things that change with the seasons and keep you focused on your goals.

 Current members
We ask that you please sign up for a spot in class, and check-in when you arrive.  This is so we can track attendance and maintain control of class size which provides data to make decisions on future schedule changes.

These policies and processes are designed to help run a successful business, not only for our members but also the coaches.


I hope this helps clear up how we do business as a gym, thanks for reading!