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Great Life Prescription

When we opened CrossFit North Okanagan, our purpose wasn’t about producing elite athletes to compete at the CrossFit Games. And it still isn’t.   Yes, we want you improving your fitness and hitting PRs regularly, but our mission is so much bigger than that. Our intention has, and always will be, to help others achieve lifelong fitness.  To regain your body after 8 years of Post-Secondary. Or to help the 40-year-old feel confident and fit enough to join a basketball league. Or to help the overweight woman in her 50s get to a point that carrying four bags of groceries up three flights of stairs is no big deal. And to help the 65-year-old improve her fitness so she can go on a 4-hour hike with her grandchildren, or move a couch with her husband. Fitness was never supposed to be about how much you could clean and jerk, per se; it’s about helping ordinary people gain fitness, eat well, and become healthier.  1 Not that a 225 lb. snatch wouldnt be pretty cool This means our hope for all of you is that fitness doesn’t take over your life. We hope it has become an important part of your life, but that you also take the time to appreciate your newfound fitness IN LIFE. In light of this, we’re part of a global business group called the MadLab Group, and together our group has come up with a Prescription for a Great Life. Follow it and your fitness, happiness, and overall life will improve (at least we think so).   Prescription for a Great Life
  1. Follow the Code for Fitness 2 to 3 times a week:
Show up to the gym 2 or 3 (or maybe even 4 or 5 times a week if it works for your life). Train with your coach or attend group classes to improve your flexibility, strength, speed, power, cardiovascular endurance, stamina, accuracy, balance, coordination and agility. Keep track of your numbers, know your strengths and weaknesses, socialize with those around you, have fun and celebrate your gains. lift Lifting weights is just part of the puzzle for a great life     2. Clean Eating (90% of the time): Although diets will differ from person to person depending on your wants and needs, we believe for optimal health, your diet should consist mostly of whole, unprocessed foods—90% of the time. The other 10% simply means it’s OK—emotionally healthy even—to have a beer or a piece of cake from time to time. zone-diet     3. Play Sports Join a hockey or basketball league in the winter, or a beach volleyball team in the summer: The important thing is to put your fitness to use. You work hard in the gym; playing sports is your chance to enjoy your newfound fitness. And if you’re feeling bold, try new sports when the opportunity arrises—be it golf, tennis or surfing. spike-ball-men Ever tried Spike Ball?     4. Get out in Nature at Least Once a Week Breathing fresh air in nature is known to be therapeutic to the soul. Rock climbing, hiking, camping, skiing or surfing are all great options. Kalmalka2     5. Embark on an Adventure at Least Once a Year Does adventure to you mean doing something relaxing and fun, or something scary and challenging? 13765675_10154344924377579_7872495861295834917_o Choose your own adventure, but definitely choose an adventure!