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Good versus bad teasing

Good versus bad teasing

Have you ever felt like someone was making fun of you behind your back? Like you were the butt end of some joke you were being excluded from?

We have likely all felt this way at some point in our lives. And unless you have unusually tough skin, it has probably made you sightly self-conscious.


That’s the bad kind of teasing. There’s also good teasing.

 The good kind of teasing is when it’s done to your face, and in an endearing and lovable kind of way. Being given a nickname is a good example of this. While you might not like your new nickname at first, it’s sort of a compliment that someone thought of you and took the time to give you a name. If people start to embrace it, even better; and eventually, you find yourself appreciating your nickname because you know it was created with pure intentions.


Now I know I have a bit of a reputation around Vernon for teasing pretty much everybody about everything, but honestly, I'm trying to make you and other people laugh and it comes from a place of love!  I often try to lighten the mood a bit, but sometimes things don't come out right, or come off a little more harsh than intended or even sometimes might even be possibly taken not as intended, I suppose that happens sometimes when i'm a little too sarcastic.

Keep the latter in mind when reading this post…


We love our athletes, and all their quirks, and since it’s better to make fun publicly than behind your backs, I thought I’d share some of the things, and personalities around the gym, that give your coaches a laugh, and sometimes a head shake.


Head shake moments at Forge Valley Fitness


  1. You look at the website or the whiteboard and you say: “Thats it? Thats all were doing today. The workout seems a little easy, no?


  1. You’re going on vacation for two weeks. Before you leave, you ask, “Can you put my membership on hold?


  1. During the Open, you attempted 17.1 a total of 7 times to shave 6 seconds off your original time.


  1. When you signed up, you asked, “Is there a teacher’s rate?”


  1. You signed up for the Okanagan Valley Throwdown and the first event is a max clean. Your coach gave you some additional homework to prepare for the competition, but it just doesn’t seem like enough to you. So for the last 6 weeks, you have stuck around after class five days a week to attempt your max clean over and over.


  1. You have been lifting for 6 months. You heard somewhere that Eleiko barbells are much nicer. You ask if we’re going to invest in any Eleiko equipment anytime soon?


  1. The coach has the timer in his hand and is about to give the class a countdown for the conditioning workout, and you decide it’s time to hit the bathroom.


  1. You chose not to show up to the gym for three months. Now you’re asking for a refund.


  1. You started training one year ago and you just got your first muscle-up. You ask your coach if it’s cool if you start following Ben Bergeron’s program during off-hours.


  1. You often arrive late for class looking confused. Then you ask for your own private explanation of the training plan for the day.


  1. You only squat to depth when you see the coach looking your way.


  1. Your coach tells you to do DB shoulder press instead of handstand push-ups because you keep falling off the wall when you attempt to press out. You listen for one day so as not to seem uncoachable, but three days later when another coach is coaching the class, you resume your handstand push-up attempts.


I feel better getting that out in public! Ok, your turn. What do your coaches do that deserve a little tease?

Don't hold back! You know we love to tease each other in the gym!

Coach Cookie