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Forge Valley Fitness athlete Gina Arsenault

I wanted to take this opportunity to acknowledge one of our own members who is not only an amazing athlete but a dedicated volunteer Firefighter for the Enderby Fire Department. 

Gina Arsenault.


Gina has recently come home from 150 mile house where she spent some time volunteering to aid in the battle of these horrific forest fires.  She has been apart of the Enderby Fire Department for almost a year and a half now, and fought damn hard to get there.    It is a big passion of hers and an inspiration to me having her as one of my clients.


I am very honoured to have Gina as one of my athletes and friend. She is probably one of the most humble people I know. Ive done a couple of fun local competitions with her and we’ve had such a fantastic time.  She pushes me to be my best and kicks my butt.  I’m always learning more about her all the time.   I think she’s kick ass and a great inspiration to all of us.


This is a little bit of info about Gina from her words…


I work at a dental office in Vernon as a dental assistant. I am also a volunteer Enderby firefighter and have been so since march of last year.



I got into Crossfit in Calgary around 2010 originally to complement some MMA training at the time. I continued with Crossfit on and off to keep up some fitness while I went back to school. When my husband and I moved to Enderby in October of 2015, I hunted for a Crossfit gym I could continue training with. After trialling a few, I ended up staying with Forge Valley Fitness for the friendly/inviting staff, location, class times, and community focus. 

Although my gains in the gym have lessened now that I no longer compete in sport, Crossfit helps me maintain a healthy level of fitness that is sustainable longterm. In addition, functional fitness has enabled me to strengthen the muscles that support a weak shoulder, a chronic injury sustained from former triathlon and MMA training. I used to not be able to do a single strict pull-up and would often favour chin-ups in a workout. With functional fitness training I can now do strict pull-ups in multiple rep schemes. I suffered from multiple imbalances after years of running track, shortening one side of my body's muscles and lengthening the other side. Crossfit has helped me correct these imbalances through the use of Dumbbells, kettle bells and single leg exercises.

Functional fitness also helps me get through my everyday. There is no question that it supports the requirements imposed on firefighters: heavy lifting, drags, carries, etc. It also assists with the strains of dental assisting by strengthening the core, back, neck and shoulder muscles.

It might sound like I'm highly self-motivated when it comes to fitness, but I'm far from it! I need the support of a group and the accountability of a coach to get out of bed at 4am and get my butt to the gym!!

Its always a pleasure working with you Gina!

Your Coach