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Functional Aging

Functional Aging

One of my cycling buddies (Neil) is in his 70`s. He is FIERCE. This guy is strong, he rides all year around and cross-trains in the gym a couple times a week using mostly functional movements. He just did an 80k training ride this past weekend and is prepping to race a 100k in about 3 weeks. My Grandma is also in her 70`s, she gets tired getting off the couch to go get a snack (sorry gran). We also had to buy her a stool to help her get in and out of our truck as it was too high.

If I did not actually know their ages, I would guess that grandma is in her early 80`s and my cycling buddy is in his early 60`s. Exercise stuff aside, the big difference between these two is actually mental. When I have a conversation with Neil, he is alert and sharp. Grandma sometimes needs things explained a couple times. She is still a smart woman, but her hearing and her eyesight are going so her general awareness of what is going on around her has decreased and she is easily confused.

My point is, there is a huge connection between the mind and the body and if we take care of ourselves physically by moving our bodies and pushing our limits then we have a much better chance of staying mentally and physically agile as we age.

Functional Fitness especially is important, these are movements that we need to master and be strong in because we use them every day, and as we get older doing things like putting the groceries in a high cupboard ( aka dumbbell press), being able to poop without company (squat/Valsalva maneuver) and picking up the dogfood bag (deadlift) become more challenging.

Why not master these movements so we have the muscle memory to perform them safely and unassisted as long as possible. Come on in to Forge Valley Fitness and take control of the way you age.

Coach VIV