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5-Day Meal Plan Template

How to Plan your Meals

First and foremost, PLAN. Then, execute. Here's how:

#1. Examine your schedule to determine which meals will need to be prepared (extra tidbit: even if you're working at home, still prepare your meals so you are more likely to stay on track).

#2. Figure out if you will do a one-day bulk food prep or a few days a week (or individual meal prep).

#3. Determine where you will buy your food (check out Flipp app to review flyers for savings).

#4. Use 5-Day Meal Plan Template to create meal plan for your week.

#5. Determine how many meals and/or snacks you have a day. Start by building your main meals.

#6. Choose recipes that are easy to prepare & don't require a lot of time in the kitchen. Check out my instagram for some ideas!

#7. Look over your planned meals to see if there is something from each food group: protein, a complex carb, a vegetable or fruit, a healthy fat.

#8. Create your grocery list and head to the store!

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