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Forge Valley Fitness’ Top 10 2017 Healthier Stocking Stuffers

Traditionally, stockings are stuffed with all sorts of useless gadgets, losing scratch-and-win tickets, and, of course, junk food!


Why not mix things up this year and show your loved ones you actually care about their health, fitness and well-being?


In light of this, here’s our list of Top 10 Stocking Stuffers—things people are often reluctant to spend money on—but that will help, not hurt, their performance, their health and ultimately their happiness:


Vitamin D



If there’s a supplement everyone should be taking, it’s Vitamin D, especially if you live in a place that doesn’t seem much sun in the winter. Even breastfeeding mothers are advised put their newborns on a Vitamin D supplement. Read more about liquid versus gel capsules here to find out the best kind for you.


Personal Training Gift Card:



One-on-one coaching goes a long way in helping reach performance goals, especially for skill development and working on individual weaknesses. Purchase a personal training session to help your fitness-loving loved one take that next step forward and get that first pull-up or muscle-up, or whatever skill he’s been striving to achieve.  Maybe even purchase an individual assessment for your loved-one that's on the fence about taking the first step towards a fitter, healthier life.




Have a tightly-wound, always stressed out loved one, who could use some meditation? Pay for the first month of Headspace—a highly-recommended meditation program for meditators of all levels.


Ript Skin System Products 

We like the Ript brand because it’s made from 100 percent natural ingredients. Their hydrating lip balm is the best lip balm I’ve ever tried, and their sore muscle rub is awesome because it’s in a solid, chapstick-like form, so it won’t explode in your bag the way traditional sore muscle rubs and creams can. Their Deuce bathroom spray actually smells good and doesn’t feel like it’s poisoning you as you breathe it in, and their 3-Phase Hand Care Kit—including a pumice stone to keep your calluses thin and pliable, DAILY DOSE to keep your hands moisturized and QUICK FIX to heal your rips quickly—is the perfect gift for any hand sport athlete or manual labor hand workers like mechanics and construction workers.


T-Shirt Blanket


Isn’t it annoying how many t-shirts your spouse has accumulated through the years, some of which have never even been worn. If you’re adept at sewing, turn the plethora of old, unwanted or unworn t-shirts into a t-shirt blanket—the perfect beach blanket!


Swim Goggles


Swimming is the perfect recovery workout. Super therapeutic, low impact, and you can sit in the hot tub or steam room after and truly get relaxed.  Not to mention getting some active recovery done while you sit at our beautiful beaches in the summertime.  Encourage your fitness-obsessed loved one to take a day away from the gym from time to time to go swimming—the goggles might just be the kick start he/she needs.  


Roll of Tape


Even if you diligently use Ript’s 3-phase hand care kit, if you’re lifting weights and hitting up pull-up bars on the regular, there will be a time you’ll need a roll of tape. Simple white athletic tape is great for protecting your thumbs from the dreaded hook-grip, supporting the wrists when you’re working from the rack or overhead position, and it’s also good when you do get the odd rip here and there.




Collagen is the main structural protein in our bodies. Supplementing with collagen helps strengthen your tendons and ligaments, and also helps with gut, skin, hair, nail and liver health. Your body’s natural collagen production declines as you age, so it’s especially important the older you get. One brand we like is Great Lakes.


Probiotic Supplement


Probiotics are the good bacteria that your gut wants. Like Vitamin D, almost everyone should take a probiotic supplement at least a couple times a year - maybe more frequently if your have some gut issues. The higher the CFU count, the better! Aim for 50 billion or higher.


Magnesium Supplement


We don’t advises you take it every night, but a magnesium supplement really truly does help you get a good night’s rest. I find I get into a way deeper sleep and feel more recovered whenever I take magnesium before bed.


Now I'm not saying don't put any Lindor Chocolates in there, but maybe these ideas will help you out with more variety and not be a catalyst to nutritional derailment or single wear ugly socks.

Happy Shopping!

-Coach Terrence