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Fitness on the road

Fitness on the road

This comes right on the heels of my return from my 40th birthday week, so I know very well all the things NOT to do, as I'm sure many people have already experience the holiday blow out!  Well, I'm here to say there's another way.

Fitness while traveling is like day with a substitute teacher when you were in grade school: Full of slacking off and acting out. (sometimes thats needed, for like a day)

Traveling as an adult often means ditching your normal, healthy routine—like eating well and working out—and adopting less healthy, lazier ones.

 The good news is you don’t have to throw those good habits by the wayside when you leave home for a while. It just takes a little planning and will power.

 Here’s what we suggest:

 Travel program

 Talk to your Coach For Life at Forge Valley Fitness about writing a training program for you while you’re away. It doesn’t need to be super intense, and it can even be designed for you to do in the space between the beds in a hotel room (you don’t need much space for an EMOM of burpees and air squats or push-ups and lunges).

 Or if you know you’ll have access to a hotel gym while you're away, it can include dumbbells and some sprints on the treadmill. Calling the hotel ahead of time to find out what they have in their gym can help you coach create a useful training plan for you to at the very least maintain your fitness.

 We have found athletes who have a specific program to follow on the road goes a long way in helping them stay accountable to follow through with their workout intentions.

If you’
re on a vacation where you’ll be day drinking at the pool, here’s a tip: Commit to hitting the hotel gym first thing in the morning before you’re two margaritas in…

 Visit a MadLab gym

 There are MadLab gyms all over the world: from the Cayman Islands to Las Vegas to Hawaii to Toronto to Atlanta to Boston to Ireland to Auckland to Dublin to Vancouver, to name just a handful of the 150-plus MadLab Group facilities.

 The great thing about visiting a local gym when you’re on the road is having the opportunity to get to know the locals. If nothing else, they’ll give you tips on the best places to eat in they city!  When in Ireland last summer we dropped into  Ascendance in Downpatrick, everyone was super friendly and they did Thrivestry programming so we didn't miss a beat! If you’re visiting another city in the near future, ask your coach to find you a MadLab gym nearby.

 Go for a run

 If you normally spend a lot of time in the gym, you probably don’t spend a lot of time running. A great way to explore a new city is by going for a jog or a walk to take in your surroundings.

 I personally despise running, but while on vacation in New Orleans this year, Tina and I walked for miles everyday exploring the history and the sights we saw became the best memories of our trip.

 Seek out kitchens

 Eating out for three meals a day on vacation is the best way to kiss your healthy diet goodbye. Try to stay at places with kitchens, or at the very least, a fridge. This will allow you to go grocery shopping and keep food on hand, and maybe limit your eating out each day to just dinner. We have taken to booking with Airbnb as they tend to have full kitchens, are cheaper, and you get to meet more locals.

If you must eat out frequently, prioritze protein, veges and lots of water.  I know it's tough when there are so many new cultural specialties to try, but do your best just the same. If you do indulge, don't worry about it! A few times isn't the end of the world, just try to make your next meal the best you can!

 When you return, get right back in the saddle

 One of the most common times clients fall off is after a vacation. They’re out of the rhythm and they become apprehensive to return to the gym.  This is the toughest time for sure!  Many of you see me the week after hobbling around after going too hard the day after I get back from a vacation, well this is because I need to listen to myself and leave my ego at the door and not go so hard the first days back. This would be the same advice your coach would give to you, take it easy your first few days back, but do get your butt back in the gym ASAP.


 The easiest way to ensure you’ll get back into it the moment you return is to schedule a personal training session with your coach before you take off traveling. I have one client who travels a lot and always meets me the day after he returns from vacation. He says this helps him avoid making excuses about needing to take more time off before returning to the gym.

So the next time you want to leave Vernon and the beautiful Okanagan Valley for a more exotic locale you now have a plan to keep you on the fitness for life road.

Coach Cookie