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Feeling Lost Making a Change?

The hardest part about making a change to live an active healthy lifestyle can be walking through the glass doors onto the black rubber floor. We're getting into the heat of summer. Beach season.  Also hiking, mountain biking, swimming, kayaking, or the season of any outdoor activity which is better in the sunshine.  Many of these activities require a certain base level of fitness to really enjoy yourself but unfortunately some of us are held back from trying these fun activities, unsure if one is able to properly perform the task at hand. 13495201_1118068824918131_3687250202552633921_n One of the best things to do as a part of a Great Life is to be active 4-5 days per week.  'Active' being more than just a walk around the block.  But this can be very challenging for individuals who live full and busy lives.  But how much time does it really take?  It really depends on what you're looking to gain from your activity, but probably less time than you think. IMG_0157 I'm sure everyone at some point has tried to make a change to be healthier or more active.  Maybe it was a New Years Resolution, or an attempt to try something new in the spring or summer.  To ride your bike again, use that old kayak, or a long hike through the mountains.  Everything requires a decision and everyone has their own decision making process.  But deciding to want to do something, and actually doing it can be a big difference.  Here are three things to keep you on track with any change you decide to enforce. Motivation.  Accountability.  Discipline. Motivation Without any motive, there just really isn't any reason to do anything.  If you don't care that you get out of breath walking up the stairs. If you don't care that you prefer to wear a shirt at the beach.  If you don't care that you have to use a shoehorn to put on your shoes, then maybe this active healthy lifestyle just isn't for you.  If those things frustrate you, then maybe it's time to make a change. Accountability Without being accountable for your actions, or your non-actions, it's easy to lose focus and engagement in your changes.  The easiest way to be held accountable is to tell people about what you're doing.  Tell your friends, tell your family; the people that care about you.  By far the best option for accountability though is to have a coach.  Not just for nutrition.  Not just for your workouts.  But a Coach for Life.  Not only will a Coach for Life be fully aware of what you are trying to accomplish, they want you to succeed, they know what you need and will provide the necessary guidance to have you maintain your changes. Discipline If there is enough motivation and accountability, there likely does not need a high level of discipline.  Or there may be plenty of motivation and accountability because of a high level of discipline.  This can sometimes be an elusive quality as many will rely solely on motivation.  But where ever motivation and accountability fail, discipline will take over.  Regardless, all three of these aspects go together like peanut butter, chocolate and banana.  Each is great on their own.  Pair any two together and it gets even better.  But when you get all three...Now that is a recipe for success! After thinking about what it takes to succeed and maintain positive changes in your life, sending that first email or phone call or taking a step inside the door seems easy!  Finding a Coach for Life is not to be taken light heartedly, and neither will your journey to live an active healthy lifestyle.