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2nd Annual CF24

CF24 - What is it? CF|24 is CrossFit Gyms across North America coming together on the same day to work out for 24 hours straight. This will take place on October 22, 2016 to complete one workout every hour on the hour for twenty-four hours, all in support of Special Olympics Chapters across North America. poster How Does it Work? First, go and visit Select CrossFit North Okanagan as 'YOUR GYM', then either create your own team with an awesome name, or join someone else’s team - My team is 'Bro-Reps'.  To complete the WOD’s ‘As Prescribed’ you will want to have a team of 3, but teams can be made up to 6 members as well.  Follow the instructions on the page to set up your personal pledge forms and get fundraising! On the day of the event, there will be 1 workout, (maximum 10 minutes), scheduled every hour on the hour - for 24 hours!  But don’t worry, you are not required to complete every workout.  You can choose whichever workouts you would like, but the most important part of the event is the first workouts, when we will have coaches and athletes from Special Olympics Canada in attendance and participating in the workout! Although you do not have to perform every workout, it would be very cool to have as many people in attendance for the entire 24 hours.  You can bring a blow up mattress, sleeping bag, pillows, movies, video games etc.  Naps are a fantastic idea! New for this year, I will be organizing a raffle draw.  Tickets will be available to purchase at the gym any time, 2 tickets for $5 or go for 5 tickets for $10. For more information, please visit The Workouts The workouts have not yet been announced but I will be quick to share them when they are.  The best way to encourage maximum participation will be to sign up your team for a 6, 12 or 24 hour segment of the event.  There will be a sign up sheet at the gym once the workouts are released and I finalize the timeline of each workout.  Like last year, some workouts will be changed to be ‘back-to-back’ so we can have an extra break in between some of the workouts. 11215729_979590562099292_5769496133933409855_n Fueling. Coffee. Food. More Coffee. We will be getting a couple big boxes of coffee from Starbucks as we did last year to keep us awake, as well as coffee from Kunal at Bean to Cup.  I am talking with Sabretooth Lifestyle about helping out with some food during the event.  Other than that, feel free to bring you own food, we have fridges, freezers, microwave etc.  Just as last year I am planning to make pancakes at some point during the event.  Likely blueberry or chocolate chip! (And YES, they are Paleo ;) ) It would be great for everyone to pitch in and provide somewhat of a potluck style for the group as well. osprey-top-images-coffee-beans What do I Need to Bring? •Clothes for working out 24 times (probably don't need 24 changes :) ) •Towels/toiletries to shower •Sleeping gear (mattress, sleeping bag, hammock, pillow, ear plugs, sleep mask, sheets, blanket, etc..) •Camping chair •Water bottles •WOD accessories (lifting shoes, wraps, gloves, sleeves, bandeezies, skipping ropes, etc...) •Can do attitude •Food - You will need to bring sustenance for the 24 hours. Think of things you can eat and then workout in less than 50 minutes from time of consumption. Think trail mix, protein shakes, jerky, fruit, veggies, sweet potatoes. •Entertainment (iPod, iPad, headphones, speakers, whatever you think will fight off the sleep deprivation madness •Positive mindset dc0b0925feb3aab0dc37c81e57738d67 What do I Need to do as a Participant? Well you should do all the above regarding the day of the event.  Prior to the event, (weeks leading up to it), you should be spreading the word of the event and talking to as many people as you can to earn pledges/donations.  There are 3 ways people can support the event.  Likely the easiest will be submitting a donation online through your personal pledge link through CF24 which will be explained upon registration.  The second will be collecting cheques or cash in person using a printable pledge form to keep track of donations as well provide tax receipts for Charity Donations.  The third will be to accept any items useable either in the event for the participants, or useable for a raffle draw throughout the event.   If you have any questions about the event, please don't hesitate to talk with any of our coaches or email me, I hope to have a great turn out and beat our fundraising from last year, Coach Terrence