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Who We Hire:


Has a past as an athlete, and turned to coaching their passion.

Easy to establish an honest relationship with all kinds of people.

Now loves to coach because the impact it has on people's lives.

Loves living in Vernon and raising a family here.

Looking for sustainability career within the industry.


Maybe already a full-time coach looking to expand into a career.

Enjoys helping people by working on increasing and improving all aspects of physical capacity.

Would like to be part of a team for the professional energy that it brings.

Seeking to live in Vernon for long-term for its quality of life.



Has training in the human movement and more.

Already working with numerous clients, but would like to be able to go deeper to help their clients.

Wishes to have a career as a professional trainer, but does not see how their present job can make them excel at this opportunity.

Knows they want to live in Vernon.

Wants to work within a team, but also to have the freedom to develop professionally independently.


Has a great story of their own journey.

Already knows their current job is not fulfilling their dreams and passions, but isn't sure how to make the transition.

Wants to help as many people in their journey as they know how much of an impact it can have in their lives.

Loves living in Vernon near their family.

Wants to have the flexibility of creating their own schedule, and be able to work with a majority of different types of people.

  • Support members in their progress, both physically and psychologically.

  • Develop your own clientele. Be ready to connect with people who have genuine potential to benefit from your services.

  • Teach in private. Teach the basics and details of movements used in general physical preparation (GPP) while establishing an authentic and professional relationship for the future.

  • Teach / supervise group members. Work to master the management, supervision and teaching of GPP training in groups.

  • Embody and guide members in the group culture of Forge Valley Fitness: work hard, but intelligently, respect the difficulties related to progress, do not take yourself too seriously.

  • Contribute to the daily tasks of the company: programming, maintenance, creation of web content (social networks and articles), etc.


Forge Valley Fitness is seeking a full-time coach to join our staff and team. This position requires coaching between 6-9 classes per week, performing 9-12 hours of private training programming and sessions per week, and 5-10 hours per week of administrative duties related to member acquisition and retention. Experience working with a broad array of clients spanning the spectrum in age, physical ability, and fitness is required.

We seek a coach who can generate and convert prospective leads, on-board and prepare new members for group classes, and maintain an attentive, on-going relationship with our existing members. For the right person, someone hungry to build a stable clientele and develop as a coach, this position offers the opportunity for full-time employment as well as income and career growth.

Our ideal candidate is committed to a professional career in coaching, has a CF-L1 at minimum, and one or more years of experience coaching group fitness. More importantly, we seek a coach who is passionate about helping others realize the transformative potential of fitness and who has experience coaching individuals with varied skill and fitness profiles. The ideal candidate brings value to group classes, personal training, and the coaching team by generously sharing their expertise and knowledge with others, and s/he/they routinely invests in their personal and professional development through continuing education practices.

Interested applicants should send their resume and cover letter to

Resumes without a cover letter will not be considered.

In your cover letter, please address the following questions:

Why do you feel you are a perfect fit for this position?

How do you think you will add value to our clients?

What are your core values? 

Please provide examples of how these values influence your approach to coaching/training as well as life more broadly.

Above all, we are looking for quality people with whom to share a project that we are passionate about.

Forge Valley Professional Mentorship Program

Don't have experience but want to learn the industry? Looking for a career you can pursue while you go to college? Internship positions available. 


In order to create the highest level of fitness coaches, Forge Valley Fitness is partnered with Active Life Professional to provide our coaches the best training available to foster a long term career in the fitness industry.


This program is designed to produce more than a coach who can teach a movement according to textbook standards, we are bridging the gap between the health and medical industry. Active Life helps educate our fitness coaches to grow as fitness professionals to achieve fulfilling careers helping their clients in a way no one else can. 

We are gearing our fitness professionals to change the industry from the inside out.

Let's do this together.

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