Forge Valley Fitness is growing and looking for our next professional coach!

We pride ourselves on developing professional coaches who help individuals reach their goals.

We are looking for a full-time coach.

Must haves:

  • Active Fitness Enthusiast - Live the healthy fitness lifestyle you teach others

  • Great Communications Skill and energetic personality - We accept all!

  • Eager and willing to learn - To learn is to develop, to develop is to grow.

Additional qualifications we'd highly recommend:

  • Fitness Certification - A CrossFit L1 or CSCS (or other recognized Certification), and CPR Certified

  • Marketing/Sales experience - Being Social Media savvy is all the rage!

We provide our professional coaches the opportunity to grow a compensation that is livable, and respectable.

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Forge Valley Professional Coaching Diploma Program

In order to create the highest level of coaches, Forge Valley Fitness is partnered with MadLab Group to provide our coaches and apprentices the best training available to foster a long term career in the fitness Industry. The Professional Coach Diploma Program (PCDP) is designed to produce more than just another technical coach who can teach a movement according to textbook standards. We plan on changing the industry from the inside out. We teach coaches how to:

  • Find the right people to train (so that the coach looks forward to working with every person under their wing)

  • How to deliver what the client really needs (as opposed to what they think they want)

  • How to keep delivering the results and experience so that the client stays for 20+ years

  • Each level has academic, practical and sales criterion which must be met to pass


Below is the outline for the path of a “Coach for Life” starting from Apprentice to the various coach roles that are options down the road. In each apprentice level, there are benchmarks, online education modules, checkpoints, and regular tasks. The goal for the PCDP is to give coaches the necessary skills, tools, and feedback, to build a career that can be enjoyable for 30+ years!

Junior Apprentice I (0-3 months)

This is the time to be introduced into the craft of coaching, more specifically working with individuals one on one. Coaches must develop a base understanding of the movement systems and how to execute training of the movements with an individual. The coach will also start to discern a position as a leader within their community as a fitness professional. Relationship building and personal growth are highlighted.

Junior Apprentice II (3-6 months)

At this level, we will be developing group class skills as well as starting to bring the right people in for consultations. Continue to work through who your “ideal client” is – who do you want to work with for the rest of your professional life? You must have 10 active clients on hybrid memberships that you brought through the consultation, fundamentals, and graduation system in order to advance to SAI.  You will earn a percentage of each client's membership fees which you train in fundamentals and sign onto a hybrid membership. You need to begin to think about retention during the first 6 months of the client’s life cycle. There’s a focus on progressions and individualization in fundamentals, transition into group classes, and recommending the right hybrid memberships.

Senior Apprentice I (6-12 months)

Develop a deeper understanding of biomechanics, physiology, anatomy, and nutrition, as well as further develop client relationships past the 6-month mark. Minimum bi-annual check-ins should be re-occurring at this point. Proactive sales techniques need to be utilized in order to meet a one client/coach/week revenue target. 6-month client retention needs to be at 80% in order to graduate.

Senior Apprentice II (12-24 months)

At this point, you will have clients that have been with you for a year or more. There are three long-term retention tools that we utilize in order to continue to grow and maintain these relationships. In this level you will master Prehab/Rehab; building, marketing and executing specialty programs and community events; and furthering the use of Hybrid membership to help your clients reach their goals.

Associate Coach (24 months +)

An associate coach can be a 1-year position, or the coach may choose to stay at this position indefinitely. The ultimate goal is to build reliable and sustainable growth for the facility, as well as refining your target client and growing within the community. There are a number of additional paths that a coach may choose to advance in from this point depending on professional development goals.


Being part of the Forge Valley Team is more than just a great experience and career path. During the JA I and JA II you're considered on probation and once you become a Senior Apprentice, you will be considered an Employee with Forge Valley Fitness, which includes such benefits as, Extended Medical and Dental plan and our Business Mobility plan with the lowest rates offered. This is not just a job, this is building a career for a sustainable and happy future.


Forge Valley Professional Coaching Diploma Program Chart


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