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Bonnie MacMillan

Growing up I was active, from 10 year in Gymnastics, 6 years playing Softball and 5 years in Ringette. In my late teens I ditched all activities and lead a rather unhealthy life (nutrition was never a focus nor was I ever educated what was healthy or good for you).

Fast forward to adulthood and my sister introduced me to CrossFit! I stuck with it on and off! I think I was always interested in competing, due to my competitive side, but I wasn't driven enough to make any big changes.

It wasn't until I had an opportunity to advance my career with a move to another Province. It was this point in my life where I had no other influences and found myself down a new path through CrossFit and its community. I found myself with big goals and I needed to get my body in better shape, thus turning to help with my nutrition.

After seeing how much improvement my life had with changes in my diet, I was hooked! I started signing up to take the Precision Nutrition course and started my journey to create my own company 'Empower Life' to help others succeed with Nutrition just as I have.

Life is not perfect. Reaching for perfection will leave you feeling unhappy no matter what you achieve. Attainable goals will keep you moving upwards.