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Alex Toering

My experience with functional fitness started in Grade 11. My highschool offered an athlete development class that operated outside of the regular school hours called Agility. This program was intense and offered to student athletes who played on various high level team sports. Hearing the rumors of how challenging it was, I was drawn to it like a moth to flame. My morning routines changed for the remainder of my ongoing life. Although I didn’t know it at the time, I would wake up and head to the gym for some multi-modal general physical preparedness. 

This style of exercise transferred wonderfully to the sports I played. Soccer, snowboard racing and more notably rugby. After highschool, I attended Simon Fraser University and studied psychology, biomedical physiology and kinesiology. I also joined the SFU rugby team and gained a variety of athletic experience. It wasn’t until later in the year my highschool rugby team was in need of a coach. I volunteered and it was my first experience coaching. I learned that coaching is incredibly challenging and incredibly rewarding. Much like my agility course, I was drawn to the challenge and ended up hooked. I continued to coach rugby at various levels as I progressed in my professional life. Over time I realized that in my pursuit to accomplish something challenging for myself, I cultivated a passion. A passion for teaching, inspiring and guiding individuals to become the most effective version of themselves on and off the field. 

After some time I started to focus more on my own athletic performance and slowly withdrew from rugby. This was largely due to joining a functional fitness gym and competing for the first time. After a couple of years training and developing as a functional fitness enthusiast, I became fascinated with the environment behind the group gyms I trained at. I started looking into various courses where I could gain some credentials. At the time I told myself the courses were simply for my own knowledge as an athlete. But deep down I was drawn to the idea of being a fitness coach. 

It wasn’t until the Forge Valley Fitness crew found me running warm ups and leading stretches with the Vernon Jackals; a local rugby club that they offered me the amazing opportunity to coach. My desire for a meaningful career in a field that I am truly passionate about was met with a fantastic opportunity. I joined the team in October of 2020 and made my career change permanent shortly after. Under the tutelage of Terrence, Bonnie and Trishauna, I have developed a foundation of which I will continue to build upon. Striving to provide the best coaching and inspiration to members of Forge Valley Fitness.