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Another Win for the Breakfast Skippers (and for common sense)

We wrote a blog recently about how breakfast is NOT necessarily the most important meal of the day like we have all been misled to believe, and how intermittent fasting might be a great alternative for some of you.

Now there’s EVEN more evidence supporting this claim: A new study (LINK) from the University of Loughborough, published in the Journal of Nutrition, suggests avoiding breakfast might just help you lost weight.

 While the analysis is actually just more common sense than rocket science, the researchers of the study explained that fasting until lunch simply helps people consume fewer total daily calories. Duh, right?

Specifically, people who don’t eat breakfast tend to eat around 350 fewer calories every day than those who eat first thing in the morning, the researchers found.

 Further, contrary to popular opinion that says skipping breakfast slows your metabolism down or makes you store your food as fat instead of burning it as fuel—which allegedly leads to an increase chance of becoming overweight or obese—the researchers of this study aren’t so sure that’s the case. Instead, new thinking is that fasting until lunch actually helps effectively regulate hormones involved in fat storage.

 To reach their conclusions, the author of the study Dr. Keith Tolfrey and his research team analyzed 40 girls and teenagers between the ages of 11 and 15. The research subjects’ diets were assessed and the results showed those who ate first thing in the morning ended up eating considerably more each day—as much as 350 calories—than those who ate nothing at all for breakfast (LINK) .

 Now if you’re thinking, “No way, you’re crazy! I’m so hungry when I first wake up.”

 Or, “I can’t function without food in the morning, and I definitely can’t workout on an empty stomach,” by all means, keep eating your breakfast as per usual. Maybe your body needs fuel after a good night’s sleep.

 But, if find yourself force feeding yourself breakfast every morning just because you have been told you’re supposed to eat when you wake up in order to keep your metabolism going strong, by all means, try pushing your first meal back a couple hours or so just to see what happens.

 If you’re like me and LOVE traditional breakfast foods like bacon and eggs, and a good pancake or some french toast here and there, skipping breakfast doesn’t mean you need to give up these delicious foods just because your first meal of the day now occurs at noon or 1 p.m. After all, food is fuel and my favourite is breakfast for dinner!

If nothing else, trying this out for a month will be pleasant on your food bill.

Coach Cookie