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Tips to Avoid Gaining Weight this December

Holiday parties for four weeks in a row, cocktails, and treats everywhere you look.It is THE the season for hitting it hard!!!!! Not this year, you tell yourself year after year. But then December happens and you start the month with no plan and finish the month up feeling like crap and up a dress size..This year,lets make a plan to minimize loosing the gainz we made over the past 11 months.

 Some tips to include in your plan:


It’s easy to show up to a holiday party, where high-calorie hors d’eouvres are running rampant. It doesn’t seem like you’re eating much because they’re all basically bite-sized, but before you know it you have thrown 25 small napkins once containing a delicious 200-calorie bite into the garbage.

Solution: Grab a plate! Fill it once. Note your full plate and how much is on it. Eat it and be done with it.





Ever been somewhere where the chip bowl was within arms length? Oh Gawd....

Pro-tip: This NEVER ends well.



Solution: Strike up your conversations on the other side of the room from the food.



Whatever you do, do not stop going to the gym in December. It’s easy to use this time to be lazy, but keeping your fitness routine going in December is more crucial than ever. If you’re too busy after work, consider trying some early morning sessions before work.



January you will thank you....



If you’re hosting a party or event, take the time to make your own food for your guests, so you know exactly what’s in them. There are plenty of ways to cook memorable food that is also healthier than the usual holiday stuff.



Also, stay away from buying pre-made appetizers from the freezer section: Have you SEEN what’s in them?? Yikes!!!!.




On the other hand, the holidays are meant to be enjoyed, and there’s nothing wrong with eating your favorite Christmas cookies with a glass of rum and eggnog here and there. Just make sure your diet is on point the rest of the time. If you’re more strict with your other meals than usual, then you’ll be more likely to appreciate and enjoy—and not see negative effects—from your inevitable cheat moments. It’s all about trade-offs.


Stay strong, folks! You’ll get through it


Coach Viv