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4 Reasons why physical play is good for kids

I have 2 boys. They love to wrestle…in fact I have a hard time getting them to keep their hands off of each other and any other willing ( or sometimes unwilling) participant.

While it may be stressful (and sometimes terrifying to watch), here are 4 reasons why I believe this type of play is good for kids

  1. They learn what “Stop/ No” means

I don’t know how many times I`ve mediated 2 six year olds arguing because they were wrestling and someone finally stopped having fun because 1 kid said “ stop” and the other one didn’t listen.


  1. They learn how to say “Stop/ No”

Kids need to learn how to communicate that they are no longer having fun so the other kid understands and has an opportunity to change the game before it ends badly. I have heard kids negotiate and problem solve by identifying rules and boundaries..i.e. how about let’s not throw dirt in each other’s faces, only at our feet?


  1. They learn about consequences

Shit just got real!!! If I play dirty and poke you with a stick, you are probably going to do the same to me. It`s pretty simple. If I say stop and you don`t listen, then I probably won`t want to play with you anymore.



  1. They learn to use exercise as a coping tool

Kids learn pretty quickly what makes them feel good. My 7 year old recognizes that he feels better after being physical physically active. When he is unable to focus, he tells his teacher that he need to go outside and exercise. I hope he carries this skill into adulthood.


These are Life-skills and are so much easier to learn when you are little. I cringe at the thought of having a 16 year old who has not had the opportunity to learn this stuff. Come in and talk to us about a functional exercise program for your little one and give him/her the upper hand on the playground.

Thanks for reading!

Apprentice Coach Viv