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3 Reasons to Come Train With Us

The fitness business is a competitive market! 


But we’re confident tooting our own horn because we know we’re doing things better than most. Here’s why you should come train with us:


3. The Best General Physical Preparedness for Life


Let’s compare what we do to some of the other popular fitness options out there…




Yoga is great. For some things. Namely for flexibility. And there’s nothing wrong with a glorified stretching workout. The older you get, the harder it is to maintain functional range of motion, so if yoga helps you do that, that’s cool. But that’s all it is: Stretching and balance. Maybe a bit of coordination, although you’re probably moving too slow to truly challenge coordination. Yoga doesn’t get you strong (Yogis like to think it does, but 90 percent of the yoga enthusiasts we have worked with can’t do a proper push-up, let alone pull-up, let alone lift any kind of heavy weight). And yoga doesn’t improve your cardiovascular endurance, speed, stamina or power. 



Running and Cycling?


They get an A + for cardiovascular endurance and stamina, but score poorly when considering strength (especially upper body strength), power, speed, coordination, flexibility etc… One dimensional is what running and cycling are. Not only that, running is a recipe for overuse injuries—often in the IT-Bands, knees, calves, achilles—you name it!

Below is comparison of a Sprinter and a Jogger.  It's a good guess that when you run, you don't train to run sprints.  What isn't shown of that sprinter is all of the other weight lifting and cross training they do in order to be in the best shape they can be.  The jogger, well...I don't think any of us want to look like that...


But I play sports!


That’s fantastic! Playing sports, and importantly learning new and different sports is something that we encourage all of our members to do.  But there’s a difference between using sport as your exercise and expressing your fitness through sport.  We’ve all heard it before, “I don’t need to go to the gym, I ski Silverstar three times a week.” Or “I don’t need to workout, I go mountain biking on the weekends!”  Quite a typical sentence from someone who lives in Vernon.  The reason this isn’t enough, or rather the best approach, is the same as for Running and Cycling - one dimensional fitness which rarely every translates into using your fitness for anything else.  You would be amazed at the results you will see, and FEEL, when you incorporate a General Physical Preparedness program, filling in all of the missing pieces of your fitness puzzle.


What we do better:


We will provide you with broad, useful fitness for life. We want carrying four bags of groceries up three flights of stairs to be a piece of cake. We care about helping you maintain your mobility as you age, and about ensuring you can go skiing, biking or hiking for an entire day when you’re 20 and 65. We want you to be the fittest person on your hockey team at 40, and the person whose still living independently at 85.

With us, you will improve all the skills needed to live a long, fit, healthy life: Strength, speed, power, cardiovascular endurance, stamina, flexibility, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy.


2. Coach for life!


We don’t throw our new clients right into the fire. We meet you where you’re at and work with you on your individual strengths and weaknesses to keep you safe and injury-free so you can continuously become more fit and healthy. 


At Forge Valley Fitness you will have a personal coach for life to manage your health and wellness—a coach who is a MadLab-trained coach, meaning he/she is one of the most qualified experts in the fitness industry. And it means your coach is a career coach and won’t abandon you to pursue a career elsewhere like other personal trainers you might have had—hence the name “coach for life.”. Read more about what it means to be a MadLab facility and to have a MadLab-trained coach here (


1. Community-based


We’re not just a gym. We’re close friends who socialize together, both in and out of the gym. It’s a perfect community in which to raise your kids—where they grow up witnessing people who care about being fit and healthy for life. (And if you’re single, there’s a good chance you’ll have better luck here than on the dating website you’re currently spending too much time on). 

In other words, corny as it might sound, you’ll have fun.