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10 Gym Personalities, Are you one of them?

10 Gym Personalities That Will Jeopardize Your Chance of Success

Dear members, 

I know this might sound harsh. It might make you feel like I’m throwing you under the bus. But I promise I’m writing this with your best interest in mind. I’m not trying to be mean or patronizing. I just want you to become more fit—and to live a better life—and I have discovered that the better your understanding of the movements, of your own abilities, of proper gym etiquette, and the more patient you are, the better chance you’ll have at longterm success.


Your coach for life


Avoid being the following, and your chances of success at being fit for life will improve dramatically: 


10. Mr. Oblivious: We’re cleaning from the ground and you load your 45-lb. barbell with small 10-lb. metal plates on each side.

9. Miss Wreckless: You always ask for substitutions for specific movements, as your approach is to work around a lingering injury, as opposed to doing the exercises we talked about to fix your nagging pain.

8. Mrs. Cheap-Ass: You asked me last week to put your membership on hold because you’re going on vacation for two weeks.

7. Miss Sweat Addiction: After a strength session of 7 sets of 5 heavy back squats superset with strict pull-ups, you ask, “What’s the workout?” When I tell you what you just did is the workout for today, you say, “I don’t really feel like I got a good workout.” So after class you stick around and go for a slow 5-km run.

6. Mr. Ego: We’re hitting a workout I have just explained is intended to be a sprint. You take 15 minutes to get through it, because you insist on loading the bar to the prescribed weight, and are hell bent on doing your handstand push-ups one at a time (failing a few along the way). You leave stoked to have gotten through it (but no more fit).

5. Mr. I Give No F***s: You’ve slowly been working up to a heavy snatch, and your bar is loaded with two 15-lb. bumper plates per side, two 10-lb. metal plates a side, and a handful of 5-lb. and 2.5-lb. clutter and you still don’t want to use barbell collars.

4. Miss. Disinterested in Learning: You have been coming for two years and you often ask questions like, “Is this a 35-lb. bar?”

3. Miss Disinterested in Learning’s best friend: You answer the question, “How heavy is your best deadlift?” with a blank stare.

2. Mr. Impatient: You want a muscle-up. You don’t have a strict pull-up yet and can only do one ring dip. But you show up early for class to casually throw yourself around on the rings whenever you get a chance.

  1. Miss. Constantly Confused: I say to the group: “We’re doing 5 sets of 1 deadlift at 80%, superset with 5 dips and a 10 second ring support.”  So you go and load your bar and do 5 deadlifts in a row and then ask, “It’s 5 deadlifts right? How many dips?”

“How you do anything in here (the gym), is you do everything out there (life),” 

-Forge Valley Fitness


If you take more interest in learning about the movements, structure and etiquette, you will feel much more confident and your increases in fitness will grow even faster.