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We are located just off of 27th Street, across from the Purolator on 45th Avenue. Accessible by bus routes along 27th Street, bike, foot, or car (we've got parking), we are never too far away.

We've evolved from our roots as one of the well-known Okanagan CrossFit gyms, CrossFit North Okanagan, to a program that focuses on general development of the 10 General Physical Skills; strength, flexibility, stamina, endurance, speed, power, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy.  Improving all of these skills, and combining these skills in many different variations will produce a high level of work capacity; the ability to perform real physical work, like carrying your groceries or kids up the stairs, moving furniture, going for a hike, etc.

We're a gym, but SO MUCH MORE. We understand that your workouts may not be about hitting new personal records on your squats, they're about giving you the ability to do anything you want to do outside of the gym. We will help improve your quality of life, getting you doing things now that you haven't done in 5, 10 or 20 years, and will keep you doing them for another 10+ years. Did we mention that not only will your body feel good, it will look damn good too!


Monday - Friday ~ 5:45am - 7:00pm

Saturday ~ 9:30am - 10:30am

2704 45th Ave, Vernon, BC V1T 3N4, Canada


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